Nowadays we live in complex political, social and economic times, not only in Mexico but in the entire world. We are part of a globalized world that forces us to be efficient and effective in all the things we do so that we may obtain our space of participation in the economic sector; this forces us to be innovative and competitive in everything we do, apart from adding value to our products and services.


In GEOS Holding we assume this challenge with responsibility and commitment, not only regarding our associates and collaborators but with our whole environment.


We understand very clearly that we must be the detonators of economy and development in our country, being the platform for the materialization and promotion of the ideas that provide welfare to the society.


We are committed to innovate with the purpose of being one step ahead in what we do and being constantly building new initiatives to launch in the market.


It is a great honor and responsibility to manage and belong to this great organization. I am very proud of what we do and of what we are building for the future.


I invite you to get to know us and to build together success stories.

Mr. Efraín Morales Ayón

GEOS Holding was born in 2007 in Chihuahua, Mexico as an entrepreneurship initiative regarding information technologies and geographic information systems. Thanks to the combination of innovative products and services and the personal service provided to our clients, we created lasting relationships that opened new opportunities to participate in other sectors according to the market changes.


Also, with the addition of human talent we have created more business units that consolidate from day to day allowing GEOS Holding to be one of the most solid groups in Mexico and extending its services and products to Latin America.

In GEOS Holding, the success of our clients is our success, we are committed with what we do, we always go the extra mile, we work with honesty and ethics, we are solidary with our partners and with our environment, we are generators of positive things and we always are on the move, searching for new ways to transcend.