If we conceive the holding as a living entity, we must guarantee that this entity (which lives and grows within a society, country and world) has the skills to develop itself, and fundamentally, that it must have a social responsibility sense towards itself, towards others and towards its environment; only in this way Geos Holding will generate value.


In other words, the “Business Social Responsibility” is the heart and soul of our holding.


Refers to all the policies, guidelines, manuals and other things that determine the way in which the holding shall act in relation to its employees, partners and suppliers.


Refers to the contribution made to the economic development of communities and to the fair payment made to the employees and suppliers and to acting always with ethics and transparency.


Refers to the relationship of the holding with the environment, to the responsible consumption and to the actions taken to mitigate the generated impact on the environment.


Refers to the aspects regarding the interaction of the company and the persons belonging to it, and to the commitment with the community in which the company operates.